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1 EURO : 4.6549 RON

Boats rental


         For trips in the Danube Delta, rides to visit Delta or transfers to Crisan, Mila23, Sulina, or other areas of the Delta, Danube Delta Resort **** offers the following types of boats



  • Deluxe fast boat Bayliner 275 (300HP) cap 8 pers V.I.P.

Length 8.5 m, width 2.9 m, bedroom (sleeps 2), enclosed cabin, fore equipped with sofas, table, refrigerator, stove, microwave, bathroom with shower, main deck command, equipped with sofa, table - can be discovered, partially covered (sun protection) or fully transparent tarpaulin audio system.
Are rented with leader. Fuel consumption 50-60 liters / hour march
On request provide waiter (cost 15 euro / hour)


  • Quicksilver 620 sport ( 175 HP) V.I.P ( cap max 8 pers )

Length 6.5m, width 2.60 m, equipped with enclosed cabin fore, sound system, sun and cover sheet transparent to bad weather, table and bed plaja. Is equipped with iceboxes, lifejackets.
Ideal for walking, transfers, water sports, walking on the sea, romantic walks.
Are rented with leader.
Fuel consumption 30-40 l / h march  Upon request, provide waiter (cost 15 euro / hour)


  • Corsar 850 deluxe (200hp)
Craft Deluxe 1-20 people, Corsar 850, 200 hp engine, ultra spacious boat, length 8.5 m, width 2.42 m, 0.9 m tall shell has: spacious cabin, ecologically toilet, sound system, iceboxes, jackets and lifebuoy, sunshade, protective sheet for full weather protection, upholstered sofas, coffee table, cupholder, beach bed, sonar, fishing tools, binoculars for bird watching, LCD screens for watching movies about Delta during excursions.

  • Corsar 550 Bowrider(60hp-90hp)

Craft Corsar 550 Bowrider 1-8 pers, engine 60-90 hp spacious boat, length 5.5 m, width 2.10 m, tall shell 0.7 m (H Construction 0.85equipped with sound systemiceboxes,jackets and lifebuoysunshadeprotective sheet for full weather protectionupholstered sofas,coffee tablecupholderbeach bed sonar, equipment for fishingbird watching binoculars.

  • Boats for transfers and trips 140 - 200 HP

Are rented with leader. Fuel consumption 30-35 liters / hour march


  • Boats for transfers and trips(1-6 pers) ,  trips 1-8 pers (60 HP )

Are equipped with sunshade (sun protection), life jackets and iceboxes.
Rented with leader.
Average consumption 15 l / hour march


  • Boats for fishing

 Equipped with iceboxesjackets andlifebuoysunshade,  equipment for fishing.

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